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Itinerary Inspirations

Lower Clackamas (22 miles)

The Lower Clackamas (henceforth, the ‘Clackamas’ for simplicity) is considered to start just downstream of the PGE Dam/Timber Park in Estacada. It flows 22 miles east to west from McIver State Park to the confluence with the Willamette, with public boat access available at seven points. 

There are five sections of the Clackamas Water Trail:

Section 1: McIver Park Upper to Lower (2.29 miles)

Section 2: McIver Park to Barton Park (6.40 miles)

Section 3: Barton Park to Carver Park (5.30 miles)

Section 4: Carver Park to Riverside Park (4.83 miles)

Section 5: Riverside Park to Clackamette Park (3.2 miles)

The entire run is free flowing (no dams). The river is public up to the high water line throughout its course, and numerous county, regional, state and other public lands border the river, making for unparalleled access to a world class river. Please respect private property and only access land known to be public (i.e. at the boat ramps and corresponding parks, and other public lands as designated on the Map). 

Public boat ramps are part of parks and public lands, and all have limited parking. Please pay appropriate fees posted at each park (they differ, and can differ annually, seasonally). Before planning a trip down any section of the Clackamas, please be sure to review the other “Plan Your Trip” webpages.